Sorential Adventures

The Introduction

Yeoj, Rock, and Blank have all received a letter from a mysterious, hooded messenger. After looking down to break the seal, you go to ask who the letter was from. The messenger is not there. The letter simply stated:

“Be at the Huntsman’s Lodge in Clearwater. Sit at the furthest table from the door and the bar.”

The three of you arrive at roughly the same time, and then every light vanishes and there is complete darkness. This darkness is unlike any other darkness you have ever known. There is a complete lack of light, and it is not a magical darkness either. You cannot hear anything either. It is as if every sense is being deprived of use. Then you hear a voice:

“I have chosen you to be the harbinger of light during the oncoming darkness. Travel to the Pineheart Forrest. There he will find you. Make haste.”

You begin your journey to the edge of Pineheart Forrest as night begins to creep in. You decide to make camp, and take turns until dawn. During Yeoj’s watch there is nothing. So he wakes Rock to take his shift of watch. During his shift he notices a shadow in the woods and begins to look in that direction, this is when he notices silver eyes looking his way. These eyes are not magical eyes, nor do they belong to a beast. It is almost as if they belong to a human. Rock makes eye contact with these silver eyes, and does not look away until the sun starts to creep up when the rest of the party begin to wake. Rock tells them of these silver eyes, and explains that the reason why he did not wake Blank for his watch was so that he made sure the eyes did not move or that they were not attacked during a shift change. However, since he did not watch his belongings a rodent of some sort went through his belongings and decided that it did not want anything. Leaving the camp a mess and the fire smoldering.
Rock gathers his belongings, the party breaks down the camp and heads into the forrest. You walk in a single file line, so as to keep quieter and leave less of a trace. In the distance Rock sees what looks to be two devil-esque creatures. He motions to the rest of the group that he is going to try and flank them and that they should continue onward. Blank stumbles and falls and Yeoj steps on a stick causing the demons to travel towards them; leaving Rock to be left unnoticed. The fight goes smoothly, however Yeoj gets caught in a hunters snare and is hanging upside down ten feet in the air.

A hunter steps out and asks the party what they are doing in his forrest. He introduces himself as Benaethor and cuts down Yeoj. The party discusses that they received a letter go to The Huntsman’s Lodge, then a voice told them to come here. Benaethor tells them to follow him.
The party follows him to his lodgings and there he begins to tell them the story of Kalthuun, the Bringer of Dark.

“Kalthuun came to this world with promises. Promises of immortality, of endless knowledge, and of a world without hunger, war, or famine. He brought promises of peace. However, he had other intentions for this world. He had intentions of power, of control. He wanted to this world for his own. He wanted complete control without opposition. The only people who would be able to oppose would be those that practice magic, which flourished at this time. Almost everyone knew at least some of the magical arts, and many practiced advanced magic. Kalthuun killed them all. Every last wizard was killed, every last practitioner of magic. Kalthuun also brought upon this world many dark magic users and evil beings. Together the nations came to fight a common foe. They battled Kalthuun and his minions for two centuries, and the war looked as if it would rage for a few centuries more. Until one day, at a battle at the gates of his temple, a lone archer took the most unlikely of shots and fired an arrow toward Kalthuun. This arrow found its way to his eye and killed him instantly. With his death also came the death of every evil being on the battlefield. Every minion under the control of Kalthuun dissipated in a cloud of dust. His death meant two things, evil was gone and so was magic.”
Benaethor concludes that they should travel to his temple, however he does not know where it is. Blank raises his hand and states he knows where it is since he is a wizard. One wizard fled and hid from Kalthuun so that magic would not be lost to the ages, and he found one apprentice. This apprentice learned the arts of magic until his master died. Then he took upon an apprentice himself, and this tradition continued until Blank’s master died. The knowledge of where the temple is was passed down from master to apprentice upon the master’s death. The temple used to be a place of arcane knowledge, until Kalthuun took it for himself and his dark arts.

The party travels to Griffenview, and to the peaks of the mountains there. They travel through a whiteout blizzard, and find the entrance to the temple and a fireball is shot at them. At the entrance are two quasit demons, who do not allow them to enter. Dialogue ensues, as Benaethor finds a rock to sit upon. During the battle, Benaethor is attacked causing him to join the fight. The party tries to grapple a demon, without much success. One demon is knocked unconscious, and the other is detained. After some dialogue they tell the demon he can live if he let’s them in. They tie him up with silken rope to ensure he does what he says he does. The demon then cuts the rope, saying “I was going to let you in no matter what.” He then puts his hands to the door and the door vanishes.

Inside the temple the party, Benaethor disappears and the party nearly sets off a trap. Benaethor returns to tell them this temple is riddled with traps, and that they should continue on with caution. They find a hooded figure kneeling at the feet of a bronze dragon. They are discovered by the hooded figure who stands and removes his hood. His skin is golden and his eyes look to be filled with fire. His face, along with the front of his robes, are soaked with blood from the dragon. Benaethor whispers “Kalthuun” and the figure disappears. The party walk forward to see if the dragon is alive, and discover it is indeed dead.
Benaethor is asked how he knew it was Kalthuun, and he simply tells them all he knows is from the legends he has been told during the short time he spends in Clearwater.
The party decide that they must tell every holdfast that they believe Kalthuun has returned, and they must also tell the king of his return. They make their way back towards Pineheart Forrest where they will decide their plan of action.

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